January 13, 2023

On his 74th birthday, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visited Ourém Castle, which was under his responsibility when he presided over the House of Bragança Foundation.

"Almost perfect!", this was the expression that the current President of the Republic used to characterize the final result of the requalification. "I knew this castle well when I was chairman of the Board of Trustees
of the Casa de Bragança Foundation, and I helped to dream up this requalification, this rehabilitation, this reality that gives life to the castle, because it transforms it into a multidimensional space, for meetings, for shows, for
conferences, for other types of activities. I am very happy for the solution found... it was not easy", said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The maximum figure of the Portuguese State also added "Several times we discussed this in the Foundation, the preservation of the history of this national patrimony and at the same time to make operational its
I am very happy because the solution found is, I would say, perfect - if there is perfection in this world. On the one hand it is simplistic, minimalist, on the other hand it is very functional, finally it respects what should be respected. And I immediately asked whether it was being used or not, and I was told that yes, it is being used, it has even been used for Town Council meetings, so it's good to help design a work and years later see the work completed, the finished work".